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Mirjam Lensink

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I’m a photographer, mother, artist and creative silversmith. I’m the founder of Lens-Inc. Photography and the proud owner of a studio space in Steenwijkerwold. Not only do I shoot in my studio, I am more than happy to work on all through the Netherlands and even worldwide whenever I get the chance.

After years of flying and exploring this planet, I followed my heart and started exploring differently; through my lens. Whenever I find myself behind my camera, I try to capture everything that catches my eye. I always look for details, hidden emotions and other elements that are easily overlooked by others. To me it is a challenge and a passion to capture this. Things that are beautiful in its simplicity, stunning by its rawness, or something so mundane that it becomes extraordinary. These are the things I try to capture and explore in my work. Adding spirit and soul tot the images and art that I create is what makes my work stand out. For me my art is elevated by connecting people. Whether this is by empowering them when they are in front of my lens, or by viewing these precious moments in my artwork.

I find inspiration in people and love, pureness, nature, history, and decay.

“It’s so much more than just a photo…”


“It’s so much more than just a photo…”